Welcome to thriveOB!

We want to welcome you to thriveOB and Women’s Wellness!

We chose to use the word “thrive” as our practice name because we want to make sure that you go through all stages of your life thriving and not just existing.

We are dedicated to helping you traverse the many ups and downs that women experience in their health, thereby thriving and striving for your best health possible.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any of our staff any questions that you may have about our services.

We want to ensure that you and your family members have an exceptionally lovely experience when you visit us for your OB/GYN needs.

On a more personal note, being a mother of 4 boys has given me insight to what my patients deal with. I have developed a deep understanding of what a joy motherhood can bring to a woman and have become a better physician when it comes to women’s health because of it.

I am dedicated to helping people do more with their health by not just surviving but thriving.

I hope to travel through life with you.

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